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Company History

Founded in 1988 by the current owners, Moreno and Luigi developed since 2006 the company focusing on special components manufacturing: con-rods, cylinder heads and other value-added parts for international customers. 
The technical know-how, focus on quality and process traceability led Centro to become a strategic supplier for many players of the Energy and Infrascture companies.

Core Business



4 and 5 axis machining

High precision machining of critical parts. From single-sample up to serial productions, with tailor made fixtures and tooling develped internal.

Assembly and finishing

Kiitting and Mechanical Testing

Finishing operations after machining, hydraulic assembly, pressure-testing and non destructive inspection: magnetic, UT, visual and others. Surface shot peening

2015 CH endoscopio.jpg
2018- CH 230 collaudo.jpg

Quality and traceability

Focus on tolerance and process.

Every piece and step of the process is identified and marked in 100% online traceability system.
Quality is cross-function in manufacturing steps and final inspection laboratory.

Process and component design

3D modeling, programming and simulation

Manufacturing steps are designed and optimized with newest software.
Process control is also ready upfront manufacturing starts, while all quality control gates are stored online for traceability purposes.


Our Market

Principal brands served

Energy and Engines

MAN Energy Solutions

Wartsila Energy Solutions

Mitsubishi Engines

GE Innio

Recip Compressor

Howden Thomassen

BHGE Nuovo Pignone

Burckhardt Compr.


CNH, FCA Group
Schuler Pressen
Bonfiglioli BSK

International supply chain

Open and close-die forging
Special bolts
Surface treatments

Supply Network

Centro Alesatura is cooperating with a global network of specialized companies, aiming to provide ready-to-assembly components to our customers:

  • Forgings, castings and raw material procurement;

  • Turning, grinding and other machining operations.

  • Heat and surface treatments;

  • Special controls (destructive and non destructive);

  • Logistics and shipments.

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