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Quality as a Driver

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Quality Policy

The general guidelines and objectives for quality in Centro Alesatura concern:

• the company determination to recognize its dependence on customers, to understand their current and future needs and to respect their expectations;
• the will of the management to commit itself directly to the implementation of the quality management system and to maintain its integrity in the event of changes to the system;

• the enhancement and involvement of personnel, for a wide use of current and potential capacities;
• orientation towards seeing the company as a system of processes connected to each other and aimed at optimizing the external responses;
• the awareness that the reduction of waste and the continuous improvement of processes and products is essential to remain competitive;
• the determination to base corporate decisions on the timely analysis of reliable data;
• setting up mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, optimizing possible synergies.

The suitability of the Quality Policy is re-evaluated by the Management during the reviews and the redefinition of the company strategies.

Scanning and measuring

CMM measuring and scanning capabilities for geometrical control up to 800x650x400mm, by Zeiss Calipso.
CMM measurement by Hexagon Poli up to 2.500x1.500x1000.  
FARO arm measurement.


Non Destructive Testing

Magnetic test, Penetrant test, Ultrasonic testing on raw material and finished parts.
Chemical, mechanical and destructive testing done via 3rd parties qualified laboratories in the nerwork.

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